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 WA1 - Beyond the Play Button - Jim Wooldridge

While music and videos are essential forms of language input for students, it is frequently challenging to figure out how to properly implement them in the classroom.  We all know how to click the play button, but isn't there more?

In this session, Jim Wooldridge, a.k.a. Sr. Wooly, will demonstrate a variety of practical activities that will give you the confidence to use music and videos in the classroom (and with none of the guilt!).  Plus, he will model how to win the class over so you have more class singalongs and fewer class eye-rolls.

WA2 - Creating a Culture for Learning - Keeka Baedke

Would you like to craft the culture of your classroom?  

Join us to learn about the mindsets, tried and true practices, strategies, techniques, activities, and assessments which lead to a culture for learning.  Whether you are a pre-service teacher or a twenty-year veteran, this workshop is for you. 

Participants will learn with and from the presenter and each other in this interactive workshop. Leave with much to reflect on and great ideas to begin implementing in your own classes.

WA3 - Intro to Teaching with Comprehensible Input - Craig Klein Dexemple & Diego Ojeda

Award winning Spanish teacher Diego Ojeda and Spanish-Cuentos founder Craig Klein will share Comprehensible Input strategies adaptable to multiple levels designed to increase proficiency.  This workshop aims to get teachers started on their CI journey with confidence and joy. Participants will leave with a solid understanding of comprehensible input teaching, as well as a valuable collection of innovative teaching strategies to increase proficiency for all students.

WA4 - Wait, They WANT to Read? Reading Strategies that Lead to Success - Bryce Hedstrom

Learn ways to boost your students' reading skills and attitudes with: 1 key idea, 2 words that change everything, 3 powerful strategies, 4 no-fail comprehension checks and a variety of reading assessment tools. 

Attendees will learn three approaches to reading, and variations thereof that get students to put in the time and focus they need to read and acquire the language. We know that our students need to read to achieve, but so many say they hate it. Part of that may be our approach to reading. Use your existing skills in a different way to tweak and engage your students and get them wanting to read. Learn strategies that work to keep reading fresh. Find out what types of reading materials work and why. Improve your teaching with simple templates and assessment strategies. 

This energetic presentation will be delivered with modeling and hands-on practice and plenty of audience participation to ensure deep learning of the concepts.

WA5 - The ACTFL Core Practices of Language Teaching - Kate Falvey

Presented in this workshop will be the 6 primary core practices as proposed and supported by ACTFL. Primarily, this workshop is an introduction to what they are, some examples of using them in the classroom, and Frau Falvey’s personal experiences trying to implement them into her own classroom.

PM Workshops

 WP1 - Teaching with a Graphic Novel - Jim Wooldridge

 Graphic novels are proving to be a powerful medium for coaxing reluctant readers towards fluency. The powerful  visuals coupled with simple language allow for deeper, more complex stories that appeal to the modern student.  And yet, many teachers of second languages are hesitant to include graphic novels. In this session, Sr. Wooly will share a number of practical techniques for how to implement graphic novels in your world language curriculum as well as demonstrate why this emerging medium will be a true asset to your classroom.

-Understanding the value and necessity of the graphic novel medium in a world language classroom.

-How to extract language not only from dialogue but also from the visual.

-How to learn to accept and eventually love that 90% of the story is told visually.

-Over 20 practical activities that slowly coax readers from input to unforced output.

WP2 - Expect the Unexpected - Maria Surma

Are you set in your classroom routine? Do your students know exactly what to expect when they set foot in your classroom? Do you feel you might be running out of fresh ideas? Together we are going to change that!

In this interactive workshop we will be exploring ways to “keep students on their toes” in the WL classroom. We will work cooperatively in activities that engage all five senses, that tap on multiple intelligences and appeal to different kinds of learners.

Formatted as a condensed mini-unit, in this workshop we will “navigate” through the different stages of learning by using strategies that would actively engage students in their own learning process. From introducing a new topic through prediction and anticipation, to delving into the topic through multi-sensory interpretation, to understanding grammar through decoding and critical thinking, to applying new concepts through hands-on projects and authentic communication, this workshop will inspire you to create a classroom where students will learn to expect the unexpected!

WP3 - An Emergent Curriculum in the Comprehensible Input Classroom - Jim Tripp

Can we teach a class without planning ahead of time which vocabulary will be in the lesson that day, while at the same time maintaining a low-stress atmosphere where solid gains in proficiency, a structured routine, and positive student retention co-exist? Yes we can! This workshop will take participants deep into a World Language classroom that has achieved success and joy in building a curriculum that emerges

overwhelmingly from the interests and ideas of the kids in the room. Participants will experience popular class activities that allow for compelling and comprehensible input, including teacher-student interviews and co-created characters/stories, and how to approach them with purpose and efficiency. Organization and assessment will be discussed so that you leave feeling comfortable implementing your own emergent lessons in your classroom.

WP4 - Creation and Collaboration Using Digital Tools - Paulino Brener

In this workshop you will learn about and how to use different digital tools to use in the classroom for students to create and collaborate on a variety of projects using text, photos, audio, or video. Get a list of tools and apps you can use and share your favorites! This is a hands-on workshop, bring your device (phone, tablet, or computer).

WP5 - An AAPPL a Day: Strategies that lead to the Seal of Biliteracy - Laura Sexton

Participate in demonstrations of my students’ favorite activities from class that led them to earn the Seal of Biliteracy by the end of Level II! Some of the most popular include CI strategies like One-Word Image stories, and “Mascota Especial” (a pet-centered spin on “Persona Especial”) as well as card games and scaffolded conversations. You will also get tips on how to build your own model AAPPL assessments and use the AAPPL rubrics to get your students familiar with the format and ready to show what they know!

WP6 - Teaching for Social Justice in the World Language Classroom - Karen Barkauskas-Goering

Teaching for and about social justice positively influences all students, yet social justice education can be challenging to integrate into the language classroom.  In this workshop, the participants will start by examining the principles of social justice education, looking specifically at how those principles connect with the guidelines and standards in language teaching.  We will proceed through activities and discussions designed to help the participants to plan and adapt curriculum, classroom activities, and assessments that help students to understand and enact principles of social justice while still developing their language proficiency.  Participants in this workshop will leave with clear ideas about how to integrate principles of social justice education into their language classes.

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